Our Story

My friends and family know me as the world's biggest "Fish Snob". As a life long fisherman, I try to fish as much as possible & I have had the luxury of eating wild caught, fresh fish my entire life. The joy of knowing exactly what I was eating, how it was caught, and by whom has been truly gratifying and rewarding.

One of my favorite things after a day on the sea was engaging with people who were walking the docks that stopped to talk to us about what we had caught. They had a genuine curiosity and wonder of what sea life was like. Most times we would gift them some of our fresh catch - a pound of Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Hog Snapper, Mutton or Swordfish. You name it, we shared it. It was so fulfilling to do so, and in most cases the person went home, cooked their fish and within a week came back to the dock not to ask for more, but to say thank you. They thanked us graciously as many people had never had the chance to eat fish that fresh before.

Harbour Trading was founded when I became increasingly frustrated with the difficulty people face in accessing fresh seafood. After spending intimate hours on the ocean with fishermen and women who dedicate their days to providing us with one of the world's last wild protein sources, it was paramount to me to figure out how to support these captains fairly for their endeavors.

Our focus is simple: To provide the people with the freshest seafood possible that has been harvested in U.S. waters & caught responsibly and sustainably by our fishermen & women. When founding Harbour Trading Co the excitement and joy that was present from the idea that we were going to be able to provide people with wild caught, “fresh” fish right to your door was exhilarating for me.

So here we are today, just one-year old, sharing with you the stories of these hardworking captains as best we can and providing you with the freshest, wild seafood possible. We are loving every minute of it and hope you are too.