Our Mission

Harbour Trading Co. is dedicated to bringing you sustainable, wild "Fresh Catch" caught by captains and fishermen in the United States. We have worked together to develop a transparent, sustainable process in order to put the freshest fish possible on your table with the lowest impact on our environment. We are passionate about fish and our relationship with the ocean and it shows.

Fish TraxTM was developed by fishermen and scientists and evolved to become an important tool for consumers who want to know more about the seafood they eat. With Fish Trax, you can trace from where in the United States your fish came and who caught it. Together with Fish Trax, we are ensuring the sustainability of fish. You will find a QR code on each Harbour Trading Co. recipe card. We invite you to get informed and scan the code to find out more about the fish you are eating.

Did you know eating one to two servings of fish a week could reduce your risk of a heart attack? Did you know that most of the shrimp we consume is farmed and fed commercial pellets, sometimes containing antibiotics, unlike our chemical-free shrimp? Get educated and learn about the seafood you are consuming with the following articles:


Brandon Lindsey, captain of the F/V Bad Ginger, holding a (true) Black Grouper
Rob Needham, crew on the "bad Ginger", holding a small red grouper
Brandon grew up around the fish business. He started running boats around the age of 20. He primarily runs our grouper boat (Bad Ginger or Redman). He occasionally will run our stone crab boat as well. Brandon is currently 30 years old (been running boats for 10 years). Brandon went to school for marine mechanic. He decided he liked running the boats more then fixing them. He is a shorter trip fisherman. He likes 3-5 day trips. He only rod and reel fishes. He is known for red grouper. He is the youngest captain in our fleet.
Anthony and his wife Terri pose with baby Giada in front of the F/V Spellbound.
Anthony Ferrari was born into a fishing family. He started joining his father on their crab boat and hook and line ground fish boat when he was nine years old. Anthony grew up loving music and baseball and pursued them both whole heartedly. After a stellar high school and college career Anthony was drafted into the minors and eventually the major leagues. He played for the Montreal Expos in 2003 and eventually made his way to Italy to play professional baseball for LeColonnie di Maremma Grosseto, one of Italy's best teams. Throughout his baseball career, Anthony fished commercially during the off season. Anthony retired from professional baseball in 2008 and returned home to the Bay Area to join his father in the family fishing business. Anthony and his father Lou operate two vessels, the F/V Spellbound and the F/V China Doll. Both boats fish hook and line. When asked if fishing hook and line was a conscious choice Anthony replied, "I grew up fishing this way, so it's what I know, but the quality of the fish is so much better than trawl caught. Not to mention this type of fishing has little to no by-catch. I won't fish any other way."
Anthony and Lou fish the two big local seasons, Dungeness crab and King salmon, but always have one of their boats focused on black cod and whatever type of rockfish they can land.

Jack is from Ft. Myers Beach, Florida and has been fishing all of his life. He got his first job on charter boats on weekends and summers during high school. After graduating he moved to Panama City Beach, Florida and worked as a deck hand for a couple of years before getting his captains license. Jack believes that the caring of his catch after it has been caught is the most important aspect of delivering the freshest possible fish. He works with his crews to treat his catches with the utmost respect and care.
Crew of the the boat Alleluia. Watch them out at sea.
Edward Potter is the captain of Captain Eddie. He is a 3rd generation shrimper from The Florida Pan Handle. He has been shrimping most of his life. He shrimps from Key West up to Crystal River (depending on the time of year). He only harvests Gulf Pink Shrimp aka Key West Pink Shrimp.
The shrimp are caught using 4-50ft. Double Trawl Nets. Once the shrimp are brought on deck they are roughly graded(aka Boat Run). Next, they are put in onion sacks and placed in the brine tank. The sacks stay in the brine tank for 3-5 minutes (temperatures reach -35). Once they get to the dock we unload them one pallet at a time. The shrimp are never thawed and re -froze. They do not contain Sodium Bisulfate (or any other chemicals).

Brent Robinson and Dianna Garfield Robinson are a husband and wife team - hand trollers for salmon based in Ketchikan, AK. Each fish they catch is hook -and -line caught. They primarily target Chinook (King) and Coho (Silver) salmon and Pink Salmon.

Brent and Dianna are proud of the Alaska Salmon Troll industry and the incredibly well managed fish stocks. Careful catch limit control ensures continuous salmon returns. All fish come tagged with the catch date, the location, the boat, the fishing technique and the name of the fisher. Like us, they believe that knowing the story and knowing the fisher is key to building awareness around what responsible fishing looks like.

  • We believe in supporting the fishermen that practice sustainable fishing methods and work hard everyday to catch the best tasting seafood on the planet.

  • We believe in protecting our oceans so they remain healthy and continue to reward us with their wildlife.

  • We believe in consuming seafood on a weekly basis, as it is the world's best source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredibly important for your body and brain.

  • We believe that seafood makes you feel alive.

  • We believe in the studies that show that people who eat fish regularly have a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes and death from heart disease.

  • We believe in providing people with easy and delicious meals to prepare fish, even if you have had a busy day and only 20 minutes to cook.

  • We believe that everyone deserves to have access to seafood harvested the same week you are consuming it.

  • We believe everyone has the right to know where their fish comes from and promise to be transparent with our process.

  • We believe that subscribing to Harbour Trading Co will change the way you experience eating fish at home for the better.