What can I expect from the HARBOUR TRADING CO. meal delivery program?
Our FRESH FISH meal delivery program is based on the premise that eating fish is good for you, and eating FRESH FISH is the best it can be for you. Each meal is professionally designed to contain the optimal flavor and taste that compliments the type of fish you will be eating. You can take comfort in knowing that you are being served the freshest fish on earth harvested wild and directly from the ocean to your table in the fastest possible way.
How do I get started?
On our home page, select MENU to explore the meals available during the eight weeks that we have laid out. Click on a meal to learn more about the fish, the recipe, and a video of it coming together. Regardless of where you live or how busy your life is, our mission is to provide you with the FRESHEST FISH possible and a READY TO COOK meal. We want you to reap the benefits of fresh fish and provide you with the experience of preparing your meal in your own kitchen.
Why Fish?
Fish is one of the last wild sources of protein and is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. These essential nutrients keep our heart and brain healthy. The two forms of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). It has been revealed that when fish is consumed on a regular basis, it reduces the risk of heart disease and strengthens the immune system. In fact, when we examine the nutritional properties of fish, we encounter some very striking facts. Fish are a perfect food in terms of protein, vitamin D and trace elements (certain elements found in minimal quantities in the body but which are still of great importance). It has been found to positively affect each system in our body from skeletal, cardiovascular, to even our skin and hair. Its abundance of vitamins and minerals encourages the body to heal, recover, and prosper.
Can HARBOUR TRADING CO. accommodate my food allergies?
We do not change our menus to accommodate allergies, however all of our ingredients are listed on the website. Read through every ingredient, if you have allergies, to ensure that you can eat what is being served. Please note, we do not provide a product for people with medically necessitated diets or severe allergies.
Can I choose my menu?
We offer a set weekly menu of delicious fresh fish with organic ingredients that rotates weekly, as well as seasonally. You are able to choose only the meals offered that week. Rest assured, our gourmet chef is constantly creating new dishes, meaning, we are sure something you like will rotate through or be available in a different week. Soon, we will be offering the ability to just purchase the fish without the ingredients.
Does the program include snacks or sides?
Not at the moment, however we will occasionally add to your meal. What does this mean? It means that we will pack a ceviche, tartare, or even sea salt brownies every now and then. It will come pre-prepared, serving as an added bonus to your meal without the stress of cooking it.


Where do you deliver?
HARBOUR TRADING'S meal delivery program is currently available across the continental United States!
When can I begin?
Be sure to sign up for your meal by Sunday at midnight (EST) the week before. For example, if you are planning to cook one of our seafood meals on a Thursday night, you must order that meal the week before by Sunday at midnight. This ensures that we are able to buy all of the ingredients that we need in the correct quantities to eliminate waste.
Do you deliver on weekends?
We do not offer meals or deliveries on weekends due to shipping costs. We are working towards better rates to make this possible, as we understand that FRESH FISH on the weekends is awesome for a BBQ, dinner date, or party. IF YOU HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST WE WILL ALWAYS TRY TO ACCOMMODATE. 
When do you deliver?
HARBOUR TRADING'S meals will be delivered on the day you select at checkout. All meals are delivered by FedEx. While we work diligently with Fedex and sometimes with all of you to trouble shoot issues with our third party shipping partner, FedEx does have failure, weather delays, and just outright mistakes. We suggest that if you are planning to prepare your meal, say on a Thursday, that you select Wednesday as the preferred delivery day to mitigate any delays or failures. The contents of the shipment will be perfectly fine if it arrives a day late, but changes your plans on the fly is not so fun sometimes.
What do I do with the packaging my meal is delivered in?
REMOVE PERISHABLE ITEMS from packaging and place straight into the refrigerator until you are ready to start preparing you meal. We have worked very hard to use only reusable packaging. Here are some ideas. You can use the packing foam as plant food, flush it down your toilet, or start your grill and fire pit with it. Our wooden box that comes with your first meal is great for the kids, storing our recipe cards, or a planter for herbs. It is made out of #2 pine wood and has no chemicals. Reuse the gel ice pack when you are packing your cooler for a picnic or the beach. Our glass jars work great for cocktails, starting your seedlings, storing food in the refrigerator, or even creams when you are traveling.
Upon receiving your package, we recommend that all perishable items are refrigerated immediately; fish must be kept below 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The fish will arrive in a vacuum-sealed bag for easy storage. If you have concerns about the temperature of your refrigerator, place the fish in a bowl cover with ice and place in the refrigerator. You can also remove the fish from the bag and place it on a paper towel lined plate, then cover with plastic wrap. We recommend eating the fish within 1-3 day of receiving it. If not consumed in the allotted time, we suggest freezing it.
Thawing instructions
We recommend placing the items from your meal in the refrigerator until you plan on cooking them. Then, about 15-20 minutes before cooking, remove the fish from the packaging, rinse under cold water and let it come to room temperature. Now you are ready to cook!

We are psyched you are here and really excited to be providing you with the FRESHEST FISH ON EARTH!!!