Harbour Trading Co. is committed to the supply of responsibly sourced seafoods. Our goal is to seek out wild fish harvested from Local, State, and Federal regulated Managed Fisheries designed to sustain the resource, with an emphasis on purchasing fish caught with low-impact fishing methods from fishermen's boats on a daily catch basis. In addition, we aim to support our local U.S. fisheries and fleets and fishing communities.

Harbour Trading Co. believes that it's our responsibility to inform and educate our customers about where their seafood comes from, with an emphasis on traceability of the product. We care so much about what you are buying that you can track where, when, how and by whom your fish was caught by scanning the QR code provided with each fish delivery.

All of our fish is selected, purchased, and checked in by our trained personnel to ensure the healthiest and best fish are chosen. The fish is hand packed by our trained personnel with cold packs the same day it is caught and shipped for next day delivery on a per order basis eliminating wasteful buying practices.

If we do not have what you are looking for, let us know and our fisherman will target that species and desired amount and provide an estimated time of catch and delivery.

Email: hello@harbourtrading.com